Design Concept: VERRE

Designing an app that helps women of color to find the right shade of cosmetic products

VERRE is a cosmetic company concept that I was working on during my freshman year. The cosmetic company caters to women of color, making the experience of purchasing cosmetic products and matching their skin tone with the correct product easier for women of color.

I started this project when one of my friends, Bianca, told me about the frustration for women of color to find the cosmetic product that fits their skin tone. Bianca is Filipino American, and she said she is always having trouble finding the cosmetic products for her skin. Most of the products in the market right now are catered to women with a lighter skin tone. However, for her, she has to search for the cosmetic product in stores for hours before finding the right one. I told myself, there has to be a better way.

I was inspired by one of the photography classes that I was taking during that time. In that class, we talked about the power of white balancing and how that can make sure that the picture shows the most natural color. An idea comes to me, why not allow users to white balance their pictures, and then we can use that color to help the user find the right cosmetic product?



So I began to design a prototype for this project. I first sketched out how I want everything to look. In order to make a more realistic app concept, I taught myself how to use Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator, and used those tools to create my prototype. Since I want the color to be a big part of this app, I designed the app so that the main color is black and white. That way I can make sure that the color will catch the user’s attention and can be a good call to action button.


After hours of hard work, I was able to come up with a prototype thetas both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. I tested out some of the features of the app with some of my friends. I have my friends a working prototype and asked them to complete a series of tasks. After testing out with them, I realized that the shopping cart feature should be better optimized to fit the user’s needs. I, therefore, put the shopping cart on the navigation bar instead of in a hamburger menu.



I also created some of the infographics that will help introduce our product to the consumers.